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Install And Use Deluge Torrent Client On Ubuntu Linux

Torrent is a small file with a .torrent extension that contains information for downloading some particular data. There are already lot of applications which are capable of downloading torrent files in Linux operating systems. Ubuntu has a build-in default torrent client called Deluge that is not installed by default, it is free light-weight  torrent client that had captured a lot of attention recently. It is a  torrent client that works on all desktops like GNOME, KDE, XFCE, etc.

To install deluge, run the following command in your terminal.

apt-get install deluge

Once installation is complete, you can launch it from Application > Internet > Deluge Bit Torrent client. You can add a torrent to Deluge from “Add Torrent” option or by simply double-clicking the .torrent file.


You can change download path, network settings, bandwidth setting, etc by going to Edit > Preferences option.


To download torrents with deluge by default in Firefox, you will need to make some changes. When you click a torrent to download, Firefox displays a dialogue box to select the program in which you want to open this file. Here select “other” and enter “/usr/bin/deluge” and press “open”.


Now Deluge will be set as your default torrent client program in Firefox. Enjoy!


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