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Stream YouTube And Other Online Videos To Desktop Without Flash [Ubuntu]

Gmediafinder is a Linux application which provides the utility to stream videos from Youtube and other media streaming websites without flash. This desktop app supports Mp3Realm, YouTube, Skreemr, Tagoo,Imusicz and Dilandau search engines. You can stream videos in FLV or Mp4 quality directly from Gmediafinder and download them in a selected resolution. This provides the ability to easily search, stream and download videos and music right from your desktop. What makes Gmediafinder quite useful is the ability to directly stream videos in Mp4 instead of flash. This can be done by selecting Mp4 from the drop down menu below each streaming video.

You can install Gmediafinder on Ubuntu by entering the following command line in the Terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:s-lagui/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gmediafinder

After launching Gmediafinder, select a website to stream media from, enter a term in the search box and hit enter.


This will display a list of videos according to your search criteria. Double click on any video to stream it. You can select the quality and resolution  (e.g. 320×240 FLV, 640×360 Mp4 and 1280×720 Mp4). To further refine your search, select the video search criteria, i.e. Most Recent, Most viewed, Most Rated or Most Relevant.


To download the video, click the Download button on the main interface. Videos can be downloaded both in FLV and MP4 format.


You can select a default resolution (in which the videos should be played) by clicking on the Settings button. This resolution can later be toggled from the drop down menu below the streaming video.


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