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3 Ways To Restart Gnome Without Restarting System

Gnome is a default and user-friendly desktop for Linux based systems. Sometime you can encounter such errors that your Gnome Desktop becomes unresponsive. Usually people  reboot the system to make it work again. Let me share some tips to get your Gnome refreshed without rebooting the system.

Method 1

Save all your open files and press CtrlAltBackspace. It will restart the Gnome instantly in almost no time.

Method 2

If the above shortcut keys does not works for you then open your terminal (Applications > Accesseries > Terminal) and run following command. It will also restart it.

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

Method 3

Open terminal and run following command.

killall gnome-panel

That’s all. Its pretty easy to restart frozen Gnome with any of the above methods. Enjoy!


  1. None of these worked! What gives? Tried “gnome-session” also…..nothing….Ubuntu really needs to ensure stupid crap like this doesn’t continually hound users. I’m on month 6 now…..when will it end?

  2. one question, my pc when frozen, no shortcut works, neither the mouse, how am i supposed to restart it?

  3. Thanks for the quick tip.

    It’s exactly what I needed to supplement a tip I found on another site which mentioned CTRL+ALT+F2 to get back to a terminal login screen. Trouble is, as I’m 2 weeks into learning to run/configure an Ubuntu box I had no idea (until now) how to start Gnome from the command line and this saved me the pain of a hard reboot after gnome black screened while switching users. Hopefully this bug gets fixed fixed the next version but in the meantime at least I can get around it.

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