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Ubuntu Tips Applet Displays Ubuntu Server Tips In Bubble Messages

Lately, the Ubuntu Server has been making a lot of progress and arousing interest among system and network administrators regarding its usage. However, it might take a while before the Ubuntu Server is able to gain massive share. The biggest hurdle perhaps in using it is the lack of knowledge of administrators regarding its usage. Ubuntu Tips Applet is a system tray applet which shows useful tips in bubble messages. You can see tips through Show one tip option in applet menu or set a refresh time for showing tips periodically.

Ubuntu Tips Applet can be installed from a simple Deb package via the Ubuntu Software Center and launched from the Unity dash or from Applications –> Accessories -> Ubuntu Tips Applet (classic menu). You can view an instant tip by clicking on Show One Tip.

Ubuntu Tips applet

Alternatively, tips can be displayed periodically after a set time interval, from Preferences (system tray).

Refresh Time

Once done, you will get Ubuntu Server tips in bubble messages. To disable periodic tips pop-ups, choose Disable Auto Refresh from app-indicator menu.


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