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10 Best Torrent Sites of 2024

If you want to torrent, you need a good place to find the movies, shows and games you want. We’ve picked the 10 best torrent sites where you can find almost everything you’re looking for, from the latest releases to older TV shows you want to binge just one more time.

best torrent sites

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In our list you’ll find some old stalwarts like The Pirate Bay as well as some interesting KickAss Torrents alternatives like RARBG or 1337X. We also included some more niche torrent sites that offer less well-known content, like Chinese series and Bollywood movies.

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Our Top Torrent Sites

We’ve gone through the many torrent sites out there and picked our 10 favourites. Whatever you’re looking for, you should be able to find it on one of these great sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the grandaddy of torrenting sites. Probably the first major site to gain mainstream attention, it’s been the target of media attention as well as that of copyright watchdogs looking to shut it down. The Pirate Bay is like a weed, though: every time it’s shut down it just springs up back somewhere else. Of all the top torrent sites, The Pirate Bay has the largest, most eclectic collection of warez, offering a little bit of everything in a pleasant interface.

the pirate bay

Major torrent categories: Movies, series, games, Windows apps, Mac apps

The Pirate Bay Cons: Search function occasionally throws a fit, lots of dead torrents.

Mirrors: thepiratebay.org; thepiratebay.zone; www.tpbproxypirate.com; mirrorbay.top


2. 1337X

However, The Pirate Bay doesn’t have everything, which is where other sites come in. 1337x is a great alternative, offering a bit of everything, but letting you specify your search a lot better. Like The Pirate Bay, it has a huge library, probably owing to the fact that it has been around since “1337” was common internet slang.


Major torrent categories: music, anime, documentaries, XXX

1337x Cons: Search results can be a bit confusing, not always the latest episodes available.

Mirrors: 1337x.to; 1337x.unblockit.ink; 1337x.unbl0ck.cfd



RARBG is another generalist site that offers a little bit of everything. Whether you’re looking for shows, movies, games or more general software, RARBG has you covered. Though it’s hard to say whether it has a bigger catalogue than The Pirate Bay, the search function at least works a lot better. RARBG also offers more adult content than other sites.


Major torrent categories: Movies, series, games, Windows apps, Mac apps, XXX

RARBG Cons: Many duplicated torrents, interface is a bit confusing.

Mirrors: rarbgenter.org; rarbg.torrentsbay.org; rarbg.unblockninja.com



Away from the generalist sites and on to more specific ones: if you’re looking for TV shows, no matter how obscure, EZTV is a great place to start looking. Like the name suggests, it focuses on offering TV series and has tons of them. You’d be surprised at the stuff you can find on there.


Major torrent categories: TV shows

EZTV Cons: Old-school interface, really only offers TV shows

Mirrors: eztv.tf; eztv.re; eztv.unblockninja.com


5. YTS

What EZTV is for TV shows and serials, YTS is for movies and films. Run by the uploading group YIFY, who also regularly post on other boards, it seems this site’s goal is to offer every single film ever made. Even some very obscure films can be found on this site, and the quality is always good.


Major torrent categories: Movies

YTS Cons: Almost exclusively offers films; subtitles are often a bit iffy.

Mirrors: yts.mx; yts.rs; yts.io


6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is another generalist site, though it doesn;t seem to have the same kind of catalogue as our top picks. That said, it has some stuff you don’t come across often on other sites. For example, we found plenty of obscure JRPGs, classical western music and niche TV shows. It seems that if you can’t find it elsewhere, LimeTorrents will have it.


Major torrent categories: Music (classical), games (JRPGs), off-beat TV shows

LimeTorrents Cons: Not a very wide selection of warez, some duplicated torrents.

Mirrors: limetorrents.so; limetorrents.lol; limetorrent.ws


7. ExtraTorrent

Another torrent site that offers a bit of everything is ExtraTorrent. However, what sets it apart is that it seems to have a lot of uploaders that are into Indian music and cinema, as well as a few that really like anime and other Japanese entertainment. If you’re into any of these categories, ExtraTorrent seems like a good bet.


Major torrent categories: Indian films, Indian music, anime

ExtraTorrent Cons: Old-school interface, some mirrors are iffy.

Mirrors: extratorrent.st: extratorrents.ch


8. Torlock

Another site that may be interesting for people that like content from Asia is Torlock. It’s one of the few sites we’ve seen that has Chinese content, for example, while also offering a large library of South Asian movies and shows. That said, there seem to be some security issues with the site and its mirrors especially seem a bit dodgy. Handle with care.


Major torrent categories: Chinese content, Indian content.

Cons: Slow search function, possible security issues.

Mirrors: www.torlock.com


9. IPTorrents

The last torrenting site in our list — the final entry is a search engine — is IPTorrents, a members-only site that has everything you may ever want to torrent. However, to join, you need an invite and to pony up $20, or at least that’s what our sources tell us. Once in, though, you’ll be in one of the most active torrenting communities on the web.


Major torrent categories: Everything.

IPTorrents Cons: Members only, and membership comes with seeding obligations.

Mirrors: iptorrents.com; iptorrents.me


10. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the successor to Torrentz, a fantastic torrent search engine that was forced to shut down in 2016. This version is a clone that isn’t as good as its predecessor, but is still a decent Torrentz alternative; whatever you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it using this search tool. It seems all its searches link to SolidTorrents, an aggregate site that finds torrents from around the web.


Major torrent categories: Everything

Torrentz2 Cons: Only a search engine, you’re redirected to another site for download.

Mirrors: torrentz2.nz; torrentz2.eu; torrentz2.in



Which of these torrent sites do you think is the best? Or is there a different torrent source which we didn’t mention but you love like a good private torrent site? Also, what do you think is the best VPN to use when you download torrents? Let us know in the comments below!

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