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How to use the Google Meet share screen feature

Google Meet can be used for free, or with a paid subscription. Users with a paid subscription tend to get a better product offering which includes native recording for meeting, breakout rooms, and longer meetings. One feature that is universally available to all Google Meet users is screen sharing. 

Google Meet screen share

Google Meet screen share

Google Meet has a native screen share feature. Anyone can use it i.e., those with a free Google Meet account can use it to share their screen. The feature is available for desktop users via a modern browser and it is available for mobile users via the official Google Meet apps.

Google Meet screen share – web/desktop

In order to share your screen in a Google Meet meeting, you must use a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) to join the meeting.

  1. Start or join a Google Meet meeting.
  2. Once the meeting starts, click the share screen button (button with the arrow on it).
  3. Select the screen, window, or browser tab that you want to share.
  4. If you choose a tab to share, you may have to grant additional permissions to Google Meet.
  5. Screen sharing will start.

Anyone can share their screen. You do not necessarily have to be the host of the meeting to share your screen.

Google Meet screen share – mobile/iOS/Android

To share your screen during a Google Meet meeting from a mobile device, you must have the official Google Meet app installed on your phone. You will not, for obvious reasons, be able to share the screen if you’ve dialed into the meeting. The official app is available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Join or start a meeting in the official Google Meet app.
  2. Tap the more options button at the bottom right of the control bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select Share Screen.
  4. Tap Start Broadcast.
  5. Screen sharing will start.
  6. All apps and your phone’s screen will be visible to everyone.

Note: some apps may block screen sharing e.g., Netflix but you will be able to share almost all apps and all screens on your phone.


Google Meet has basic screen sharing. There is no way to manage permissions like there is in Microsoft Teams. Google Meet’s free plan basically centers itself around ease-of-use which is why the feature is kept simple. Unfortunately, since you can only use Google Meet from the desktop via a browser, screen sharing tends to be slow and lag. Make sure you aren’t running extra apps that will tax your CPU if you plan on sharing your screen during a meeting.

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