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Microsoft Teams: Give control and request control during a meeting

Online meetings can be audio calls, or they can be video calls. The video that is streamed by each participant in a meeting is usually their own camera feed however, users will sometimes need to share their screens with meeting participants.

Sharing your screen during an online meeting basically allows you to virtually have everyone come over to your desk and see what you’re working on. 

Microsoft Teams: Give Control and request control

Microsoft Teams allows users to share their screen during a meeting. Only one person can share their screen at a time but everyone else can view it. Users can also give up control of their screen and allow any of the other participants to take over. Likewise, a meeting participant can request control of the shared screen.

With screen sharing, it is important to know that;

  • Users cannot take control of another person’s screen unless they are allowed to do so.
  • A user can revoke control that has been granted to another user any time they want.
  • No other user can force other users to grant control of their shared screen.
  • A request to take control of the screen can be made by anyone that is in the meeting.
  • Control of a shared screen can be granted to a participant even if they haven’t requested it.
  • All meeting participants will know who is controlling the screen.
  • When control is given to a participant, they can only control the window or screen that has been shared e.g., if you share only a Word document that is open, the participant who now has control over your screen will not be able to switch to a different app that you have open on your desktop.

Microsoft Teams: Request Control

In order to request control over a shared screen, the screen must already be shared. Follow these steps.

  1. Join the Microsoft Teams meeting.
  2. Wait for a participant to share their screen
  3. Click the Request control button to ask the presenter (participant sharing their screen) to grant control over their screen.

Microsoft Teams: Grant Control

To give control to a participant, when you haven’t received a request to take control follow these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and join a meeting.
  2. Share your screen.
  3. You will see a bar at the top. Click Give Control.
  4. Select a participant to grant control to.
  5. The participant will be able to take control of your screen.


Granting others control over your screen allows them to, virtually, come to your desktop and interact with it i.e., type something in, use the mouse, navigate the system. You will still be able to see everything that is going on on your screen and the option to revoke control will always be there.

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