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How to use the Microsoft Teams survey tools

Microsoft Teams has all sorts of collaboration tools built into it. These tools don’t all center around documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. They also come in the form of polls and surveys, and quizzes.

The Microsoft Teams survey tools all work through Microsoft Forms. Microsoft Forms is a feature-rich tool that can create all sorts of information collection modules that can be used to conduct surveys in a channel, run a quiz, or poll members.

Microsoft Teams survey

Microsoft Teams survey tools

In order to create a survey in Microsoft Teams, you need to know what sort of questions you will ask and what sort of responses you want i.e., should a respondent be able to select multiple answers or only one.

Create a Microsoft Teams survey

Before you create a survey in Microsoft Teams, make sure you have the question and the responses that can be selected ready. You won’t be able to go back and add more responses.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Go to the team and channel you want to run the survey in.
  3. Click the New Conversation button.
  4. Click the more options button and select Forms from the overflow menu. If Forms is not listed, use the search bar to find and select it.
  5. Create a question and enter the options for it. If you’d like users to be able to select more than one option, enable the ‘Multiple responses’ switch.
  6. Click Send and the question will be posted.
  7. Repeat for additional questions.

Note: When multiple responses are enabled, the options that a user can select appear with a ‘check box’ while, with the multiple responses option disabled, they appear with radio buttons indicating that only one can be selected.

Replying and analyzing Microsoft Teams survey results

When you post a survey question to Microsoft Teams, the results panel is posted directly below it. As more and more respondents submit their answers, this results panel updates to reflect the results.

You will be able to tell, at a glance, how many users select a particular answer, which answer was selected by most members, which answer was selected the least, etc.


Microsoft Forms is a powerful tool. The survey or the polls created with Forms in Microsoft Teams are fairly basic and allow users to post only one question at a time instead of creating and submitting a multi-question questionnaire. If you’re looking to create a far more complicated survey, you should still use Forms. Create the form in Microsoft Forms and you will be able to share it, via a link, with anyone. The link can be shared in Microsoft Teams, and it can be shared over other communication channels. Creating a survey directly in Forms allows you to edit the questions if you need to and analyze the answers better. 

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