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25Trends Provides A Visual Representation Of Twitter Trends, Top Links & Tweets [Web]

25trends is a Twitter analytics tool that provides you with real-time information for trending topics, top links and top tweets, along with percentages for different types of moods. With it, you can quickly find out not just what people are talking about, but also how they feel about that particular topic in form of percentages for different mood types, such as Positive, Negative and Neutral. The service searches Twitter for you, analyzes and aggregates key terms, links and tags. and gives you a neat visualization with links to the related tweets. With 25Trends, you can find out about various popular places, people, products and more. The service comes with a basic-looking interface, which is quite easy-to-use; all you have to do is type a name or topic of your interest and you will be able to browse through Trending Topics, Top Tweets and Top Links for those keywords, and view the related links directly on Twitter.

To start off, type a twitter #tag or @mention, or simply any word to find out what people are talking about.


25Trends will instantly display results for Trending Topics, Top Links and Top Tweets. Trending Topics are displayed according to three different Moods. For instance, Blue colored boxes show a Neutral mood, Orange ones represent a Negative mood, whereas the yellow ones denote a Positive mood.


You can hover your mouse over these colored boxes to see the percentage for each mood and when you find something interesting, you can click the tiny arrow to view it directly on Twitter. Additionally, you can scroll to the end of the page to view Top Tweeters, Top Tags and Languages.


The app delivers up-to-date information and lets you view it all with just a glance, that can make it quite useful for both the researchers and the casual surfers amongst us.

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