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Audiolip Is Like Twitter For Podcasts; Lets You Share 15-Second Audio Recordings [Web]

Audiolip takes the micro-blogging concept (the one that drives Twitter) a step forward, and allows you to record micro-podcasts up to 15 seconds long, which can then be shared with all your buddies on social networks the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Using the service, you can listen to, share, interact with and add replies to every recorded message available. Additionally, you may add new podcasts and comments directly from the browser, or via a toll-free number if you live in the US or the UK. More after the break.

audiolip comes with a basic-looking interface, which is easy-to-use. To the left of the homepage, you will find Newest, Popular and Random options. Each podcast comes with country details and sharing options. When you hover your mouse over a podcast, you will be able to access the audio reply and comment options. Note that you can always reply back with text if you don’t want to record your voice. Moreover, you can click the Load More button displayed at the end of the page to retrieve older messages.


At the top right corner of the page, you will find a Create micro-podcast option, which, when clicked, lets you record a message of up-to 15 seconds long.


Once you’ve recorded your message, it will instantly be published and you will be able to share it on Twitter or Facebook, depending on your preference. In addition to that, all your micro-podcasts can be accessed from your Public Profile, which also allows you to add comments, replies and download a podcast as an MP3.


The service is free and only requires a simple sign-up, after which you can post as many micro-podcasts as you like. Visit the link below to share your voice and ideas with the whole wide world!

Visit audiolip

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