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How To Change Chat Colors And The Emoji Shortcut On Facebook Messenger

Facebook has just made a small but awesome update to Messenger. On both Messenger for Web, and the Messenger apps, you can now customize a conversation color on a per-person basis. The thumbs-up emoji that sits to the right of the mic button can now be customized so that it enters an emoji of your choice. Here’s how.

Messenger For Web

Open Messenger and select a chat conversation from the right. There are three new options above the Mute Notifications option that let you set a nick name for the person you’re talking to, change the chat color, and change the emoji. The chat color changed on your end will change for the other recipient too but it’s on a per-conversation basis so it won’t change for other conversations. The emoji change works the same way.


Messenger App

Go to a chat conversation and tap the contact name at the very top. Three new options have been added below the ‘Notifications’ switch that let you set a nickname for the other person, change the chat color, and pick a different emoji to replace the default thumbs up button that appears in the app.

fb-messenger-chat-color fb-messenger-change-emoji

Another curious thing we noticed is that if you tap and hold the emoji, it gets bigger. The longer you hold it down, the bigger it gets. When you release the button, an enlarged emoji will be sent. The change, both in color and emoji, will happen on both sides of the conversation so it isn’t just you changing a preference for yourself. If you don’t see the color and emoji customization options in the app, make sure you’re running the latest version.

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