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InstaBrowser Lets You View Instagram Photos From Chrome Toolbar

While Instagram may have become one of the most popular social networking apps for both iOS and Android, the service still lacks a web client. Of course, there are third-party offerings available, and capable ones at that, but they still require you to launch a separate browser tab or window to view photos and/or comment on them. Since no web-based app for Instagram would let you add images to the famous network, the maximum you gain out of these clients is the ability to download images, like them or add your comments. InstaBrowser is a Chrome extension that lets you view your Instagram stream within your browser without having to sign in every time or open a new tab. Once signed in, all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar, and it will automatically load your stream in a scrollable pop-up. Using this extension, you can go through your own Instagram images and those uploaded by other users, search or explore new photos uploaded from near your area, and much more.

To start off, sign in with your Instagram account and you’re good to go. You will find multiple options at the top of the pop-up, such as Your Stream, Popular, Load, Close to You and Close. Your Stream category allows you to go through your friends photos, whereas the Close to you option displays photos based on location. Moreover, each photo comes with likes, comments and tags.


The advantage that we see in using an extension such as InstaBrowser over similar web apps, is the fact that it offers almost everything that competitor web apps bring to the table, but you get the convenience of navigating through a stream without disrupting your browsing session. The extension is pretty helpful, and could be improved further if an option for loading more photos was added to the pop up that it generates. Grab it at the link provided below.

Install InstaBrowser For Google Chrome

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