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Muzeit Is A YouTube Music Player For Chrome With Social Discovery Features

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing service out there, and a huge chunk of users still use it on their desktops. If you spend a lot of time streaming song videos there, then it seems counter-intuitive having to visit the site every time you want to check out which songs are running popular. We’ve already seen Streamus for Chrome provide a solution in the form of a music player that allows you to browse, discover and play YouTube music videos without actually visiting the site itself. Currently in beta, Muzeit is a similar Chrome extension with a focus on social sharing and discovery. It lets you search for and discover YouTube song videos, import all your YouTube playlists or create new ones, and share your favorite music with other Muzeit users and your friends over at Facebook. Details to follow.

After you’ve downloaded and installed Muzeit from the Chrome Web Store, click the icon it adds to the right of the Omnibar, and hit Connect. This will allow you to link Muziet with your Facebook profile, which unlocks the extension’s sharing capabilities.

Muzeit Beta - Social Music Player_Connect

The interface is pretty straightforward. To the left, you will find five tabs: Recent, Discover, Playlists, YouTube, and Settings. The Settings tab allows you to link or unlink your Facebook and YouTube account. If you choose to link your YouTube account with the extension, all of your existing YouTube playlists become available under the Playlists tab.


The Discover tab shows you all the playlists being created by other Muzeit users connected through Facebook, helping you find new music to play from YouTube’s gargantuan video library. Each playlist here be subscribed to, liked and shared on Facebook. You can also add individual songs from within a playlist to one of your own.

If you find a playlist that you really like, hit the username below its title to view all the other playlists by the user who put it together.


When you play a song, its video automatically opens up in a new pinned tab. Though, you can still control playback and volume directly from Muzeit even while you’re browsing another website in another tab or window. So, you can use the extension listen to your favorite music while you’re working, skipping songs and controlling playback like you would in any regular music player, and switch to the video tab when you’re taking a break.

Muzeit Beta - Social Music Player _Playback

You can install Muziet to Chrome from the link provided below.

Install Muziet from Chrome Web Store

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