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Netflix Roulette Find A Random Movie Or TV Show To Watch, No Account Needed

Every Friday night my sister and I have a ritual; we spend close to 2 hours looking for a good movie to watch, we find nothing, she gets tired and decides she’d rather sleep. No fun is had. Yes, we do this every Friday and if you watch movies a lot you know that you quickly run out of all the good ones and are then starved for something that’s ‘not bad’ to watch. Some go to IMDb, some go through top ten or top 100 lists, while others take suggestions from Hulu or Netflix. Netflix Roulette is the brain child of Reddit user codeusasoft who got tired of top ten lists and other such lists that Netflix gives you. This simple little app which categorizes search by genre and will let you search either/or movies and TV series finds something random you can watch. The good thing is it has nothing to do with your Netflix account and it is not an analysis of what you’ve watched before, or what your viewing preferences are. It’s just a random way to find something to watch and it can be used by anyone. There’s also an Android app for Netflix Roulette.


Select a genre for the movie/ TV show you want to watch. If you aren’t particular, you can select ‘All’. To include or exclude movies or TV shows from the results, check/uncheck the option before you hit Spin.


You get one movie suggestion per spin and you can always spin it again. The results will give you an overview of what the movie is about, the cast, and its rating on Netflix. There’s a button for watching the movie on Netflix. If you don’t like the suggestion, you can spin again for something different.


Since the app is geared towards Netflix users, the results will include only those movies that Netflix has to offer. The developer is looking to incorporate the feedback he/she has received on the Reddit post (which made front page). Upcoming features will include a filter for country and whatever else the Reddit community might ask for within the limitations of reason.

The Android app is a nice clean one with the same interface as the web app itself and no ads. It should work with just about any device since the developer has said that no geo restrictions have been placed in that regard. Obviously if you’re using the app in a region where Netflix is not available, the Watch on Netflix button will do nothing for you. My one suggestion for the app is that filters be added for including the Hulu cataglog and maybe just about every movie on IMDb with the option to filter out the ones that different services have to offer.

spin mobile result

Let’s hope this improves movie night for a lot of people.

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Download Netflix Roulette From Google Play Store

[via Reddit]

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