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Play Music From Any Folder Or Your Music Library In Firefox

A good while back we did a post on how you can play local music in Google Chrome. Music files are just one of the many file types that can be opened, in this case played, in your browser without needing any plug-ins. Browsers aren’t the most feature rich media players though so queuing files or creating playlists isn’t possible. That’s where add-ons come in. Local Music Player is a Firefox add-on that can read all music files in any folder or library, and queue the files to play. You can play a single track, or have the add-on play them all. The player itself is very basic and lacking loop and shuffle features.

Once installed,  Local Music Player will add a vinyl record button next to the URL bar. Click it to open the player and select a directory. By default, the add-on will set C:\User\YourUserName as the directory.



Click inside the Directory input box, where a directory will already be selected. It will open the search box for selecting a different one. Depending on the size of the directory, the add-on will scan it for music files and list all tracks found in it in a matter of seconds. Click the play button next to a track to play it. If you enable the ‘Automatically play next song in queue’ option, the add-on will play the next song in the list without you having to intervene. You can pause or stop a song any time. Each time the song changes, you will get a desktop notification that tells you which new song is being played.


One of the areas where Local Music Player could do with some improvement is the UI. It’s very simple and there’s nothing wrong with that but the volume controls give no indication of how high or low the music is. The bars indicating the level stay white and you’re just guessing at how loud the volume is. You can click the bars to increase or decrease the volume but again, you won’t know if you’re going louder or quieter.

The add-on doesn’t loop the queued songs once it’s run through them. Even if a loop feature for a single track isn’t added, a loop feature for queued songs would make a good addition.

Install Local Music Player For Firefox

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