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Select Which Image Will Appear When You Tweet A Link

If you share links on Facebook and/or Google Plus, both will automatically extract the best image from the link to serve as a thumbnail or preview of what you’re sharing. The image that is¬†automatically picked is¬†the best size to serve as a preview but you can cycle through the different images available on the link and pick a different one to serve as the preview. It’s a pretty good feature that allows anyone sharing content to promote it more easily. Twitter unfortunately doesn’t have anything similar and it will pick link preview thumbnails itself. Tweetshot is an amazing little service that lets you tweet a link and pick which image is used as the preview. You aren’t restricted to the image appearing at the link itself; you can upload an image from your desktop (like you can on Facebook), or you can add an image from a URL.

Using Tweetshot is really simple; paste the link you want to tweet. You can see remaining characters as you compose the rest of your tweet. All images that can be used as a thumbnail are detected and listed below the compose tweet box as well as a snapshot of the web page itself. You can select which one you want to use or upload a different photo altogether from the ‘Paste image URL’ or ‘Upload an image’ options just below the compose tweet box. When you’re done, click ‘Tweet’.


The tweet appears on your timeline like any normal tweet would and the service automatically favorites your tweet. No URL shorteners are used.


Tweetshot is meant for people who push and promote content on Twitter. There are far more complicated and feature rich services available for this niche but Tweetshot is really great for anyone looking to use a simple free tool. The services also supplies a Tweet button that web masters can add to their websites. Users tweeting a link with the button will be able to select the image preview when they tweet.

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