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These 25 Questions Help You Decide If You Should Quit Your Job Or Not

One too many rough days at work can sometimes make you want to jump ship, or seek out greener pastures i.e. find more fulfilling employment. Unfortunately, employment, job, career, money, and income are not decisions to be made because you’re mad at your boss, or because the week has been too long. The right thing to do is to calm down, step away from the situation, and then make a sound decision. If you need help, here is a little web app that asks you 25 questions to gauge if you’re in the position to jump ship or not.

The app takes you through 25 questions that you must answer on a 1-5 scale that is labelled to indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with a given statement.

Should I Quit My Job - Qs

When you finish with all of them, you get your results as well as how good your job is in regards to various job satisfaction indicators like skill utilization, current career, etc.

Should I Quit My Job - results

Needless to say, the app isn’t divine career intervention designed to help you get out of a job at the right time. It’s simply a series of questions that help you think about things that matter when it comes to changing jobs or even switching careers.

In the heat of the moment, or at the end of a bad day, the app can help you think a little objectively about the troubles at work and avoid overly emotional decisions that may be detrimental to your work life. In the end, the decision and the responsibility is yours.

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