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How To Turn On Night Mode On Reddit

For the longest time, every popular app, OS, and website has favored bright colors for its design. Whites and blues are used often and while everything looks great, it’s a strain to use it. Companies are slowly realizing that users don’t necessarily turn their devices off when it gets dark. In fact, many of us continue to use our devices under our covers and the bright white of everything makes it much harder to do that. Lots of operating systems are adding dark themes, and some websites are catching up too. For example, YouTube has a dark mode and you can now enable night mode on Reddit.

This night mode on Reddit is new and it’s part of the new Reddit design. Make sure you’ve enabled it first before you try to turn on night mode on Reddit. You need only enable the new design. You don’t need to be signed in to enable the night mode.

Night Mode On Reddit

Visit Reddit and click the little dropdown arrow next to the profile icon. In the menu that opens, you will see a night mode switch. Turn it on to enable night mode on Reddit.

Night mode replaces the white background with a black one. The text is in light grey and the buttons are grey. Almost all the white is gone and replaced with the same hue of grey. The colors that don’t blind you when you’re surfing in the middle of the night like orange and blue remain the same. Links still appear in blue and the Reddit logo retains its orange.

There is some white that it cannot get rid off e.g. anything that’s white and bright in an image is going to stay that way. The night mode applies to the text and all text based subreddits will be much easier to browse. In stark contrast, any subreddit that is heavily  image based such as r/whitepeopletwitter, or r/pics, or r/aww, etc will still be able to blind you.

The only way to prevent this is to apply an OS wide tint to your screen. Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, and iOS 11 all have a built-in feature that lets you tint your screen a warmer color. Look for something along the lines of night light or screen temperature. You can also try the F.lux app which started all this and eventually led to major operating systems adding a screen tinting feature. The tinted screen will make the images less jarring to look at in the dark though it might make text harder to read.

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