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Camera360 Comes To WP8 With Live Photo Filters & Great Interface

Among the crowd of photo editors available for iOS and Android, Camera360 has been among the best for a long time. The app is so good that it even made its way into our list of top ten Android photo editors. Windows Phone has been getting a lot of big apps lately, but no one expected Camera360 to pop up in the WP Store out of the blue. Yet, the app is here in all its simplistic glory, bringing with it all the great image effects you can expect from a photo editor of this class. Camera360 for WP8 lets you apply filters to a scene in front of you, even before the picture is snapped. The app also lets you view your entire image collection in the form of a calendar, or sort photos based on the exact time they were snapped.

Camera360 WP8 Camera Camera360 WP8 Edit

Camera360 displays an introductory video when you launch it for the first time, and we couldn’t find any way of skipping it. That’s where the inconveniences end though. You don’t even need any account to use Camera360; just hit the ‘Start’ button once the intro is over, and you are ready to shoot. To enclose your photos in a frame, tap the icon located in the bottom-right corner. There aren’t a lot of frames available, but the ones that are there are quite diverse in nature and should be enough to serve your needs on most occasions. You can change the brightness level of the canera by tapping the top button in the sidebar and using the slider that shows up on the right.

To apply effects to the camera, rotate the dial surrounding the camera button. This lets you navigate between different categories of filters. You can swipe across the viewfinder to change effects within a category. Even if you shoot a photo without applying any filters, you can do so later from the editing screen.

Camera360 WP8 Photo Diary Camera360 WP8 Calendar Camera360 WP8 Settings

The editing screen in Camera360 can be accessed by tapping the bottom-left icon. You can find photos in the gallery by going through the ‘Photo Diary’ list, or switching to the calendar view by swiping to the right. If you want to see the image effects listed in one place, just tap the small wand icon below any photo. Camera360 offers a host of options for sharing your photos. Popular online services including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr can be linked with the app for easy sharing.

Camera360 has been released as a free app and works with all Windows Phone 8 devices. There are already some decent photo editors like Fhotoroom available on Windows Phone, but Camera360 might be the most popular app of this genre that has arrived on the platform so far.

Download Camera360 For Windows Phone

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