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Acala Screen Recorder: Record Screencasts To AVI Or Self Running EXE Files

Screen casting utilities are of great use to the bloggers like us. They ease the job and give us the flexibility to present various solutions to our readers. We have a screencast software for you today, labeled as Acala Screen Recorder. It is a free screen capture utility that can record any on-screen activity and lets you save the video in AVI format or as a self-playback EXE file. It provides a flexible way of recording screencasts that you may want to share with your colleagues or friends on video sharing websites such as Youtube. The application packs a host of features to configure the screencast recording settings, audio capture options, allowing users to customize the screencasts according to their requirements. Additionally, it lets you set the number of frames you want to record every second, and specify custom a video compressor to adjust the screencast quality. Like any other screencast recorder, it supports hotkey combinations to quickly start and stop recordings. Read past the jump for more.

The program shows step by step instructions for recording activity on specified part of screen. Before you start recording a screencast, specify the output format – EXE or AVI. Once done, use F2 hotkey to select the screen area for recording a screencast.

Acala Screen Recorder


Just specify the area on the screen using mouse pointer. Once done, it will automatically start recording screencast. The selected region will start to flash, indicating that screen activity is being recorded. You can press F2 to pause / resume the recording, while F3 can be used to stop and save the recording into specified format (AVI or EXE).


Clicking a small triangular-shaped button opens the application’s settings menu, which contains basic as well as advanced options to customize the tool. The basic settings contains options for configuring Record Region (such as Appoint region, Full screen etc.), Record Audio and other misc. options.

Settings Basic

You can click Advance Option button to configure app customization options. Under Video Options tab, you can select type and quality of video compressor (read: codecs), and adjust frames to record per second. Clicking Sound Options shows a few options to optimize the audio such as audio device and format. The Cursor Options tab lets you customize options related to cursor settings. Finally, you may go to Shortcut to configure hotkeys.


The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Download Acala Screen Recorder


  1. Nice App, thanks for the recommend. I always record screencast with a web-based app calls Acethinker Screen Recorder, free and works fairly well for me. Share it here as an alternative to acala screen recorder.

  2. Have you tried Allavsoft?

    As far as I know, it can directly download
    YouTube videos to AVI and it also can convert already downloaded YouTube videos
    to AVI.

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