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Add Windows 8 Style Time And Date To Windows 7 Logon Screen

As the new features of Windows 8 get unveiled or leaked, many developers have taken the task to themselves to bring similar functionalities to Windows 7. 8 Clock and Date for Windows 7 is a portable Windows 7 application, which provides the functionality expected in Windows 8, i.e. the time and date display on the logon screen. The aim is to provide a stylish look for the logon screen with time and date display. It is worth pointing out that 8 Clock and Date for Windows 7 does not change the background of your Windows 7 logon screen, but merely adds the clock and date.

To get this unique logon screen look, download and extract the files from the compressed folder, launch the setup file and click Install. The apps works seamlessly for 32-bit operating system but for 64-bit OS, you would require replacing your Windows Ultiman.exe file with the one from the extracted folder. Make sure that you have made the backup of the original Ultiman.exe file, just in case things go wrong.

DateTime Installer

The next time you login or lock your screen, the date and time will appear. In case you do not see it, click the Ease Of Access button.

Logon Screen Date

Since this app is made for Windows 7, therefore, it will not work on other Windows operating systems.

Download 8 Clock and Date for Windows 7

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  • Dizzledorf

    Wow, could that be uglier?

    • kev

      comic sans? seriously though – it’s a neat idea, poorly executed. some shadows or font choice would be great

    • Actually it appears great on developer’s screenshot (check the link in the end). My guess is that since we tested it on a virtual environment, this is why the font is showing so messed up. Will check the settings for font.

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  • mrZoSo

    Get .Net Framework error- Win7 Pro x64 SP1. The original Utilman.exe works fine.

  • techmate

    It’s beautiful and I would like to have it, but the download link takes you to deviant art where you get the message “page could not be found” go to our Homepage.