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Araneae – Minimalist Web Development Tool With Code Elements Handler

Many web application developers seek one simple tool which can provide all the necessary features to create, edit and manage code along with best code handling capabilities. Araneae is an exemplary web development tool on said regard. While it can boost up script creation process, you can write and organize markup languages code, including, HTML, XML, and XHTML. Since web application developers have to keep ever-evolving CSS organized during the web development phase, it lets user manage CSS stylesheets in simple yet intuitive manner with options to quickly set color, insert comment, change font settings, and insert Images. Furthermore, support for JavaScripts, PHP, Ruby scripts with all the variations are also available.

It has a neat multi-tabbed interface with Quick Clips at the right sidebar. The Element handler (Clips) features a range of controls which you can use while developing a web application, tweaking with ruby-based scripts, and defining CSS properties. With web browser preview integration, you can get a live preview of application/module which is being developed in your default web browser.


Quick Clips offers simple handlers to insert values. For instance, while designing a CSS file, you can pick out color from CSS Quick Clips panel in order to visually see color code rather than entering exact color code value manually. Likewise, all the supported languages code can be entered from a simple dialog box.


By default, it comes without any specific viewer support, but from Options dialog you can select the browser which is to be used as default viewer to see output of complied code.

Araneae Options

Compared with other web development tools, it is small (900 KB), lightweight (takes only 9 MB) and can be tailored according to your needs. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Araneae

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  • Ben

    I just started playing with HTML. Thanks for this info. Makes it a lil more simpler.