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Automatically Sync All Documents With Google Docs After Every 5 Minutes

If you are an avid Google Docs user and like to keep all of your important documents synced with Google Docs cloud, here we have a simple desktop application called Up The Sync, which promises seamless synchronization with Google Docs. Not only it can sync silently after regular intervals, it has an ability to sync documents residing in multiple folders, which means that if you’ve already grouped up documents in multiple folders, with this application, you can sync all the selected folders with Google Docs.

For the first time usage, it will prompt you to enter Google account credentials. Once account information is verified, you can start adding folders containing documents. It syncs folders in a smart fashion, along with file names, it also syncs the updated file content, so you don’t need to select folders over and over again to reflect the changes in Google Docs documents.

First, from Settings menu, select folders which you wish to include, it will list down all the contained documents on the main interface, letting you choose ones which you want to sync.

add folders 3

Once selected, from File menu, just click Click Sync to begin the process.

sync google docs

The application sits in system tray, updating/syncing all the selected documents after 5 minutes. Being a Java-based application, it requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to run. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system, it works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Up The Sync

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  1. This would be nice … if available for linux. We moved our entire office to linux several years ago and no longer use any MS products. I thought about scripting a sync program myself, but for the time being we do manual sync’s to gdocs, and use dropbox for auto syncs of critical docs. It might surprise those in the development community how many offices have quietly shifted to linux. OOO is used in place of Office, and all calendar, contact management, document sharing functions, and now even our phones, run through google.

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