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Backup Google Chrome

Google Chrome Backup is a small powerful utility for those users who use Google Chrome as their preferred browser. It allows users to quickly backup their complete profile and then restore it later. It can also help users to migrate their profile from one computer to another.

Apart from Google Chrome browser, it also supports Chromium browser. You can easily switch between different profiles and manage them from a single window.

google chrome backup

Apart from backing up and restoring an existing profile, it also lets user add new profiles quickly. Just select the version of Chrome, directory to put the profile into, give it a name, and add a switch to the shortcut. Hit OK when done and the new profile will be ready.

create google chrome profile

The app is free but to unlock additional features you will need to pay $5. These additional features are:

  • Google Chrome bookmark export to HTML and CSV (backup)
  • Copy your bookmarks to Google Bookmarks service
  • Lock & unlock Google Chrome profiles with password

    Download Google Chrome Backup

    It is a portable tool and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This app is not new but still worth a try. Enjoy!

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