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Backup Windows 7 Special Folders And Restore Them On Fresh Windows Installation

Windows special folders must be backed up before installing a fresh copy of Windows on the system, as they may contain important files, saved preferences, application logs, game saves, music libraries, and many other types of items which you can’t afford to lose at any cost. These folders are generally referred to as folders which are created and managed by Windows, including, My Documents, My Music, My Videos, Common Files, Music Library, Games, Common Startup Menu, My Music, ProgramData and many others. Backing up these folders manually is quite a hectic task, as one has to locate them and then manually move them. Special Folders Manager 2 is a backup utility which capitalizes solely on backing up and restoring Windows special folders.

With this application, you wont have to search for special folders, just launch it, specify folders which you want to move, and start the backup process. It will backup all the folders in one go, saving you a lot of precious time and effort. Apart from creating backup, it allows you to instantly restore backed up special folders to their original locations, so freshly installed Windows can detect and fetch contained data automatically.

The application has a simple interface, with options to List All Special Folders, Move Special Folder and Restore Special Folder locations presented on main screen. Before starting out backup process, click List All Special Folder to view which folders can be saved to any defined location.

special folder 1

Now bring the home screen back and click Move Special Folders. Here, check enable Redirect Windows option for those folders which you want to back up and click Next to proceed further.

redirect window 2

Now specify the target drive and click Next. In the last step, enable Copy Content option with each listed folder and click Next to begin the backup process.

copy 2

When you want to restore the backed up folders, click respective option from main window, check folders, and specify location of backed up folders in order to restore them. Since the application is in beta phase, it might get stuck for a couple of minutes while performing the backup and restore process.

Download Special Folders Manager 2

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