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BelugaFile – Adobe Air App To Share Large Files Directly Btw Two Computers

Suppose lets say you want to send a large files to your friend, files as big as 5GB in size. What would you do? Send them as Email? Nope. Upload them to free file sharing site? Nope. Create some sort of VPN between two computers? Nope.

No email service supports 5Gb file size, let alone the case where you need to send two or three 5Gb files. No file sharing site will ever allow you to upload such large files, also it is too time consuming. Creating VPN is a good solution, but that too is time consuming and complicated for novice users.

With the coming of Adobe Air 2 we will now begin to see lots of advanced apps build on top of this platform. BelugaFile is one such adobe air app that will probably leave you speechless. It allows two people to easily send each other large files, with no limit. The developer behind this app has send files as large as 6GB without any glitch.

There is only one condition for this app to run smoothly, your network connection must allow UDP traffic. This is quite normal and almost all network connections allow such traffic.

BelugaFile must be running on both computers, just enter the host id or send your host id to the other computer for the connection to be established.


Once the connection as been established, you will see the same interface on both sides. The important thing to note here is that it is not a one way traffic, both users can share files with each other simultaneously.

The files that you share will be shown under Your Files, while the files that they share will be shown under Their Files.

beluga file

What surprised us here is the speed. It has the fastest speed we have ever encountered when compared with non-adobe air apps. Overall, it is one perfect tool for sharing large files directly with family, friends, and co-workers.


It is a cross-platform(Win, Linux, Mac) tool and takes less than 30Mb of system memory when running. We tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. For more, also check out HFS and Fileai, but remember that they are not as reliable as BelugaFile. Enjoy!

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