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Free Media Capture – Capture Streaming Media To Your PC

The Internet is loaded with scores of websites that offer free audio and video streaming. Of these, the more popular sites, such as YouTube and Metacafe provide solutions that allow users to download media to their PCs. Unfortunately, the wide majority of other streaming websites do not offer similar methods of downloading media content to your PC. If you’re looking to capture streaming media content from any such website, Free Media Capture will help.

It records media files (both video and audio) from different sites, such as MegaVideo, Google Videos, Vimeo, Veoh, Songza, MySpace, Last.fm, Dailymotion, and many others. Recorded files may be stored in different formats MP3, MP4, FLV, Ogg/Theora, or even WebM (new Google video format).

This application is available for free download. The installation process is simple and quick, given the small size of the program. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup. Note that you will also have to install WinPcap (offered with the Free Media Capture installer package).

Click Start Capture to start recording video files. It also lets you choose the network device. Output destination can be changed from Configuration tab, along with two other options – ignore file under any size and capture timeout.

free media catcher

Visit any video streaming site and play the media file you’re looking to capture. The application will instantly recognize the streaming content, and will start capturing the files to your PC. You will also be alerted via the system tray notification box.

capture streaming video

Free Media Capture is a useful application for users with frequent media recording needs. The program has a dead-simple interface and is very easy to use.

This program supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Free Media Capture

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