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Windows 8 Start Screen Editor: Change Background Image & Color Of Windows 8 Metro UI

Windows 8 Start Screen Editor is a Windows 8 tweak that allows users to change the background image and color of the Windows 8 Metro UI. It provides simple options to change the Windows 8 Metro color (including color for the logon screen and other Metro elements), and/or to add an image for the Metro start screen. After this portable application is launched, it shows the default green background color with green shade texture of Windows 8 start menu (on the main interface of the app). You can either change only the background image, background color or both.

If you do no wish to add an image to the Metro Start Screen, then click Don’t use background image option. If you select a start screen image, make sure that it is in PNG format, and the height of the image is double the height of screen resolution to fill the entire screen. After you have selected desired options, click Patch. This will ask you to log off your computer, after which the changes will take effect.

Windows 8 (Default) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_2012-01-11_16-55-49

The below screenshot demonstrates the changes applied to the Metro UI, with the help of Windows 8 Start Screen Editor.

Windows 8 (Default) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_2012-01-11_16-57-04

It is advised that you create a system backup before performing this task, so that you can revert the changes (if required). For more information regarding backing up Windows 8, see our post: How To Refresh Or Reset Your Windows 8 PC [Complete Guide].

Download Windows 8 Start Screen Editor

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