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CheckDrive: Quickly Perform Thorough Hard Disk Scan

When it comes to checking your disks for a complete scan, you might have several options and tools to go around with, each hosts several options, features and scans either track-wise or sector-wise inspection of disk drives. Check Drive is simple portable utility which offers both simplicity and efficiency in checking and repairing your hard disk for bad sectors, errors, and other anomalies.

Since it is a portable application, so hassling with installation is not in the books. All you’d need is to launch the application with administrative rights and specify the disk to be scanned, you also have an option for thorough disk scan (including surface scan) which involves sector-wise inspection & recovery. At the left side of the window, you can also enable Correct errors option to fix them in realtime. Once all settings are in place, Click Check Drive button at the lower part of the window.


It will provide you with all scanning-relevant information including; indexed entries, processed data files, file system relative issues, etc. It also supports almost every type of Removable drives and Optical discs, etc. Though Windows has build-in scanning tool, which is quite efficient as well, but the mobility factor and speed it offers is remarkable which comes in useful to quickly find out disk health & for fixing bad sectors, errors, etc.

It runs on all Windows based OS, including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows x86 system.

Download CheckDisk (Softpedia link provided since author does not have direct product page)

For more, you can check out RecoveryDesk and VueScan.


  1. This way is good but in this whole process you have lost data files from hard drive then you try Kernel for windows data recovery software enables users to recover inaccessible files and folders from the NTFS partitions.

  2. I’ve got a laptop that’s freezing when I try a regular chkdsk and I’m looking for a good utility to hopefully find the issue and resolve so I can image the drive to a new disk. When I try and download this my firewalls anti-virus picking this up as Agent.FL_3968 (Trojan). Could someone advise if this is acidently being scanned incorrectly or if there actually is a virus in the file.

    Same result downloading from the link or the author’s homepage.

    My Anti-virus is SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service which is build into my router. If this is accidental I can simply bypass the router’s scanning.

    • We test all software before reviewing them. It has been marked safe by both Softpedia and us. In a nutshell, while testing we did not face the problems you are facing. It was marked as clean by MSE.

    • Must be SonicWall picking this up by accident then. I bypassed the gateway anti-virus and re-scanned with McAfee that’s installed on my workstation and nothing picked up.


    • Oh on another note for other readers for piece of mind I ran this through Kaspersky Online file scan and nothing picked up.


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