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How To Delete The Thumbnail Cache In Windows 7

The Thumbnail feature is no doubt very useful, however it also consumes some resources in terms of disk space. In Windows 7 Thumbnail cache are created so that the thumbnails in taskbar can be previewed much more faster, but if your hard drive space is very low, you may need to clear the thumbnail cache. Windows Disk Cleanup utility enables you to not only clean junk file and temp data from drives, but also remove the thumbnail cache. It lets you select the drive from where you want to clean the thumbnail cache files. Once selected, it starts the cleaning process. In this post, we will guide you through the process of deleting thumbnail cache in both Windows 7.

First of all, click Start, type Disk Cleanup and press Enter.

Disk Cleanup

Now, select the disk partition from where you want to delete thumbnail cache. Then wait for a while, the program will scan useless files.

Scanning Disk

Now, locate and check the Thumbnails option, once done click Ok.


Now confirm the delete process in the next step by clicking the Delete Files button.

Delet Final

This will clear the thumbnail cache. Its that easy. Enjoy!


  1. ya man thanks its so cool tips and actually i m feeling gud speed in my pc now
    i m also a pc or R&D lover and u guys do a fantastic job by helping us . I really apreciate ur help

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