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Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint To PDF – Microsoft Office 2010

There are some new exciting changes in Office 2010 and they are appreciated by the community. The best way to convert a Word document , Excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentation into PDF format was to use Bullzip Printer and other similar apps. Not anymore.

Yes, you heard it right. Office 2010 includes a build-in option to convert documents, spreadsheets,and powerpoints into PDF format.

Go to File > Share and select Create PDF/XPS Document under File Types.

Create PDF document office 2010

Now hit the Create a PDF/XPS button on the right pane and you will see a new dialog window. Here you can select two PDF types – Standard or Minimum size.

Standard document has better quality and can be used to publish on the web and print, while the Minimum size is useful if you want to quickly publish the document online.

save word 2010 pdf

If you want to change any additional options, click the Options button and you can then apply the changes in the new dialog window.

It preserves the fonts, formatting, and images as shown in the screenshot below.

Word and PDF comparison

If you are wondering which tool we are using to view PDF document, it is Sumatra PDF Viewer. According to MS once it has been converted to PDF document, editing it will not be an easy task.

Before the arrival of this feature in Office 2010 there was another method apart from using Bullzip PDF and CuteWriter. The method involved uploading document to Google Docs and then downloading it as PDF document.

For more, also check out Office 2010 Upload Center and Upload Document To SkyDrive feature. Enjoy!


  1. Is there a possibility to show a horizontal scroll bar instead of the standard vertical scroll bar in a pdf file?

  2. This PDF convert feature in Office 2010 is crap as the size of the PDF file is 2 to 5x larger than the original file I created in MSWord 2010. Nuance PDF converts MSWord files at a fraction of the size of the original file.

  3. I’m glad I found this to give me a start. However, there is a slight difference on the version of Word 2010 which is on my computer that I just bought about a month ago. (Fall of 2011.)

    There is no “SHARE” menu item. Instead, there is a “SAVE & SEND” menu item. When you click on that, the rest of the steps seem to be about the same.

    Also, I was able to copy a Word document into PDF format by selecting “SAVE AS” and then in the format drop-down menu (underneath the document name) selecting PDF. That was pretty easy!

    Thanks for the information!

    • Thank you for this posting, I couldn’t figure it out, since I didn’t have a “share” choice.

  4. It’s a great feature and has help me a lot.MS office 2007 does not supports slanting written words or angles words but with MS office 2010 its far more easy but it can’t be printed on a machine that has not installed 2010. PDF formats offers a best feature in printing this and this suggestion is exactly what I wants.Thanks

  5. Great stuff here. It can be a really frustrating process to try and convert massive excel spreadsheets into individual pdf files. One program that I have found that does this well at a competitive price can be found here.

  6. really nice! i'm always expecting to get a MS Office 2010.but still i am using 2007, so to do this job i am using Simpo PDF Creator.

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