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LAN Bench – LAN Benchmark Utility

LAN Bench is a network benchmarking tool which is used to test the performance of  particular network hosts. It works on the TCP/IP protocol and uses the winsocks (Windows Sockets) protocol at the back end.

It is a portable utility which consumes minimum system resources. Simply run the executable file to initiate the test. Once launched, you will see two sections, Server and Tester (Client). First of all be sure to turn the server on by hitting the Start button, once the server is started, then click the Test button located in the Tester (Client) section and that’s it. It will take ten seconds to complete the testing and will display the results of the packets sent and received.

LAN Bench Mark

It is a highly configurable tool, simply hit the File > Configure button and the Configuration window will be displayed. Here you can set the test duration, packet size, connection and the Transfer mode. The Transfer mode is the mode in which LAN Benchmark will test your network speed, it could be  Send and Receive, Send Only or Receive Only.

LAN Bench Configuration

Download LAN Benchmark

It works perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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