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Open XLSX Spreadsheets Without Using Excel 2010

Just like we talked about opening docx files without using Office 2010, this post will focus on opening xlsx files. In short, there is some slight changes in the online and desktop apps that we mentioned before.

But in case you are having trouble opening xlsx format, you can always convert it into xls format and then try opening it. For advanced users we have already covered a simple way to convert Excel spreadsheet to CSV format.

Now back to opening xlsx spreadsheet, we would recommend the following four products.

Online Apps:

Desktop Apps:

Google Docs, Zoho Sheet, and OpenOffice can be used to view and edit the spreadsheets while Excel Viewer(which is official MS product) can be used only for viewing excel files. Obviously you can print the spreadsheet using any of the above mentioned apps.

Most people use the famous three(i.e, Google Docs, Zoho, and OpenOffice) for opening and editing word documents rather than using it for Excel spreadsheets. The reason is that Excel 2010 and Excel 2007 has far better functionalities and it would take years before the web counterparts can take over.

In case you want to know, MS Office’s most famous product is Word, followed by Excel and then PowerPoint.

Editor’s Note: At AT we try to help both amateur and advanced users. This article talks about few online and desktop apps that can open Excel spreadsheet in xlsx format. You can skip this article if you believe it is not for you.


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