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Create Animations From Images With DP Animation Maker

DP Animation Maker is a simple software that converts common images into moving animations. You can transform a simple PNG, JPG, BMP etc into an AV, GIF and an EXE file with excellent graphical effects. It contains many built in options to add effects like  rain, lightning, falling leaves, etc to make your still images into dynamic graphics. You can then save the graphic in GIF or AVI format. These can later be added to a website or can be used as a profile picture on a social networking website.

You can import images from the File menu via the Open Project option. From here, you can later add effects and save the project.

Import Image

Click on Add Animation button and select animations to add to the image. From here, you can also add other images and immerse them in the current image.

Add Effect

Your selected effects will be automatically added to the image and will continuously appear on the image, hence making it a moving graphic. As you can see the image below, the rotating lighting effect has been added to the image.

Lightning effect

You can edit the added effect(s) via the Edit Animation button from the left hand side menu and set animation boundaries. Multiple effects can also be added to a single image. For instance, the below image has grass, falling leaves and magic dust effects added to it which has transformed its look.

More Effects

To remove any effect, select it from the left hand side menu and click on the Remove button. You can save the created graphic as a GIF or AVI from the File menu or the buttons on the top of the main interface.

Remove Effect

The saved AVI file can then be played in a media player (e.g. Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc) that supports AVI files. The still image hence becomes a moving graphic or video.


DP Animation Maker Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download DP Animation Maker

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