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CrystalDiskMark: Check Read/Write Speed Of Hard Drives

CrystalDiskMark is disk benchmark portable utility which measures hard disk health in terms of read/write speed. It can be used to do multiple comparisons between two hard drives for checking each read/write capability. For instance you can compare the old hard-drive with the new one by conducting provided read/write tests and then easily infer hard drive health.

The working is based on two functions: Read and Write. You can start off with two type of test concurrently; reading specified size of random data from the selected disk and writing selected data size randomly on the disk. You can conduct these tests of reading and writing sequentially, sector-sized (512 K) block,  reading/writing 4K (block size) of data, and Queue depth reading/writing of 4k block size data. To take all of the above mentioned tests in one-go, from the upper part of the window first set number of test runs, size of test run, and specify disk drive. Once all settings are in place, click All to run all the tests concurrently. On the title bar, you can view the current test which is being conducted.

Note: Choosing a large test run size would take long time, so it is recommended to keep it smaller i.e 50 MB.


Once the test is completed, you can now conduct the test with same parameters on other hard drive to measure out disk read/write speed capability.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download CrystalDiskMark


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