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Desktop Background Slideshow In Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with various attractive wallpapers that will make you thinking as to which one to choose for your desktop. Now you can put all your favorite desktop background images by using Desktop Slideshow feature. Once you have set the Desktop Slideshow, it will begin cycling the selected desktop background image files at any given duration.

First of all, right click your desktop and choose Properties. Then from Properties window click Desktop background, a new window will be displayed as shown in following screenshot.


Now, select the images you want to include into the slideshow, hold down Ctrl as you click on the images. Once you have made your desired selection, choose how often you’d like the images to be changed from Change picture every option. You can also check shuffle option if you want the backgrounds to appear in a random order. Following screenshot will illustrate the process.


Click Save Changes and the Desktop Background Slideshow will be set. Enjoy!


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