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Easily Encrypt Your Files With Conceal

Previously we reviewed a couple of encryption tools like Wave Cipher and Crypter , today we came across yet another great file encryption tool called Conceal. It lets you encrypt your files by using the algorithm of your choice. Simply drag and drop the file to encrypt/decrypt.


You will be able to see  two panels, each for Encryption and Decryption respectively. In order to encrypt the file, drag and drop it to the respective  panel. Once you drop the file for encryption, it analyzes the file type and then it lets you choose the destination path to where the encrypted file will be saved. You must provide a password two times to encrypt the file.

Conceal Encrypt

Click the Options button and it will load the list of the encryption algorithms, choose your desired algorithm from here.

Conceal Options

It will take time to encrypt the  file, depending on the file size. Once done, you will be shown a confirmation dialog.

File Encryption

Decrypting is easy too, just drag the encrypted file to Decryption pane, enter the password, and it will decrypt the file.

Download Conceal

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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  • Brown Jason

    Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption is also a wonderful file/folder encryption program.