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Encode Videos In Bulk With HandBrake Batch Encoder

HandBrake Batch Encoder is an useful GUI-based application which is developed to use the powers of HandBrake to encode media files in bulk. For those who haven’t heard about HandBrake before –  with its user-friendliness, super fast media conversion, and diverse encoding capabilities, it is arguably one of the best encoder available. HandBrake Batch Encoder offers you the same encoding quality level with being highly vocal in terms of interactivity. Along with HandBrake dependent installation package, developer also offers it as a standalone application without requiring any pre-requisites. The application supports MPG,WMV, AVI, MKV along with a list of presets to let user quickly select most suitable encoding configuration for the target device.

It is further possible to choose file extensions and add metadata to MP4/M4V files. The application usage is pretty straight-forward, offering all the options to manipulate encoding process on the main screen.

All that is required is to specify source and output folder. Once paths are set, specify file extension, and handbrake priority along with options to delete source file and adding metadata, however these options are non-imperative, you can quickly start encoding process after selecting your device from preset list.

BatchEncoder GUI for HandBrake 111

While media file is being encoded, you can view the information (such as, quality, video fps, and ETA) regarding the encoding process in HandBrake CLI-based console.


The application was successfully tested on Windows 7 x86 system while it supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download HandBrake Batch Encoder


  1. Nice app, thanks.
    The app is running a high priority on Win7 64bit. Is there a way to alter the priority permanently?

  2. Would be great if this included an option to encode to the source folder; rather than having to specify one

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