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Exploring Windows 7 PowerShell

PowerShell is a command line tool and scripting interface which is very handy for system administrators and developers. It is also supported on Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Vista, but you need to install it as a separate tool. Microsoft has realized it’s importance and now  it comes by default with Windows 7 , not only this, but it has also been enhanced with many new features. It helps IT professionals  to control and automate the administration of their Windows OS and of applications that run on it. Now, its very easy to manage your system, write scripts to automate tasks, and create new tools. Lets explore it a bit more.

Its provides you an easy access to many areas of your operating system just like data stores, registry, etc and it uses cmdlets on the back end. You can launch it from Start > All Programs > Window PowerShell.


It also offers you the facility to control the set of remote hosts and can also run some job in background. You can easily learn different PowerShell commands and can get help regarding any command by typing get-help (it is equivalent to Linux’  man command).

Apart from all this, it is also a very handy tool for developers, Windows 7 offers PowerShell ISE which lets developers writes scripts to interact with .Net Framework applications. Here the screenshot showing the interface of PowerShell ISE.


If you are a developer or an administrator, you will definitely consider the PowerShell a useful addition to Windows 7. Enjoy!

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  • Unix Lover

    this is a total copy of Unix concepts of a shell…..everything i guess….the wjole concept of powershell…..and you didn’t even spared pipelining huh??

  • I agree, but if MS doesn`t catch up and start adding new features and security, in 10 years most people will use a mac, and that hurts. Still, Win7 is not the safest OS, do they really care? we`ll see in the next 2 versions, perhaps even in the updated service packs. I run a real estate and vacation villa rentals business in the Dominican Republic, we are now using Win7 but will set up a Linux or Mac box for the financial processing, no way around that. I just found out about this scripting shell and it makes me feel a bit better.