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FileMenu Tools Brings Advanced Context Menu Features To Windows 7 64-Bit

The developer has updated the ever-useful FileMenu Tools to support 64-bit OS. Now it can be used in both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit simultaneously without having to download a separate file for each version. One interesting feature in the latest version is ‘Run with Parameters’, which adds option to run applications with Administrator privileges.

For those who missed our last review, FileMenu Tools is a freeware that lets you add advanced features to your right-click context menu. TheĀ  application sits in the Windows Explorer context menu and can be accessed by right-clicking the mouse over any file/folder. It offers a wide array of options, including Copying/Moving files, Changing File Attributes, Advanced File Search and File Delete, Shred Files, Un/register DLL and more.

In the main interface, you will see the default commands for the application. There are more than 30 different commands that are available by default. You can add any of all of them in the context menu. Let us take a look at some of these commands.

filemenu tool

To start off with, the Command Line from Here option is used to open a command line window from the folder you have selected. Copy To and Move To commands are used to shift files to other directories. Duplicate Files creates another copy of the file in the same folder. You can shift selected files to a new sub-folder by clicking Pack to Folder. Synchronize is used to sync one folder with another. Copy UNC Path copies the path of a file to clipboard. Change Time changes the time at which selected files were created, last accessed or last written. Find and Replace replaces text for selected files/folders. Advanced Renamer is used to rename files/folders in bulk. Advanced Delete deletes the selected files. Use Delete Locked File to delete a file, even if it is locked by some other application. Shred Files is used to create files that are not recoverable through recovery tools. Register/unregister DLL is used to register/unregister files in system so other applications may use it. Use Change Icon to change icon of file/folder. Send to Mail Recipient sends the selected file/folder as an attachment.

Useful application that enhances the right-click context menu with a number of advanced options. It supports all versions of Windows; testing was carried out on Windows 7.

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