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dupeGuru ME – Find & Removes Duplicate Songs by Tags, Audio Content

dupe Guru is a cross-platform application which efficiently finds duplicate files on a computer according to file name and file’s content. The developers behind dupeGuru have recently launched a new application called dupeGuru ME (Music Edition), which is designed to specifically identify duplicate music files from a very large collection of songs. It scans for not just duplicate songs but can also be configured to locate songs having duplicate tags or meta information within your music directories. Like the standard dupeGuru application, dupeGuru ME also has versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. dupeGuru ME identifies duplicate content using similar words, regular expressions, file content, etc and supports MP3, WMA, AAC (iTunes format), OGG, FLAC, loss-less AAC and loss-less WMA formats.

Using dupeGuru ME is easy, just add the folders which are to be scanned for duplicate music tracks and click Scan.

select folders

This will display a list of duplicate files from the selected directories. You can right-click duplicate file to send it to the Recycle Bin, move, copy or remove it from the scan result, or play it in default media player, invoke a custom command or to rename it.


To configure advanced options, head over to View –> Preferences to refine scan options. For example, you can scan for duplicate files, tags or content, selected specific tags ( Track, Artist, Album, Title, Genre or Year), and enable the following options to identify duplicates; match similar words, mix file kind, use regular expressions when filtering and remove empty folders on delete or move.


dupeGuru Music Edition works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

Download dupeGuru Music Edition


  1. It is efficient and the fastest of its family and it can also save comparison results for later selection. version 6.6 + Vista no problem

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