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Jalmus: Free Music Notes And Rhythms Education Software

Regardless of what music genre you’re a buff of, there is always a need of understanding the musical notes. Though notes differentiating ability is a pre-req and a lot of listen is also required. If you’ve started perusing music seriously, notes learning software comes in handy. Amongst many tools having relative complexity level, Jalmus is an opensource and absolutely free music education software which is primarily designed for pianists but other instruments enthusiast can also make the most of it. It leans towards teaching all the basic notes to begin with and then some rhythm playing test will be conducted in latter stage.

It is built keeping both amateurs and pros alike, you can start off with either testing your notes differentiating skills or with rhythm playing. The interface is quite simple & interactive, usage is even more simpler as it is very expressive and vocal in terms of guiding user with screen tips & other hints. Start button at the top-left corner will begin the test right away. What you’d need to do is to play the notes mentioned above the note sheet.


Under Exercises menu, you can switch to Rhythm reading where you can play the rhythm and try to read the time interval after which a note is played.


Under Lessons menu, you can choose a desired lesson from the list. It will make you start with some basics first to get you in the rhythm. Once you become an expert, you can also try out other hard-hitting lessons where you’d need to differentiate notes instantly and play on the piano



For changing keyboard’s sounds and configure other settings, you can click Preferences on the main interface. You can switch to different instrument’s sounds, configure MIDI settings, change rhythm lengths, change tempo, set treble/bass clefs and number of notes, etc.


To put in a net shell, it is one awesome music education tool which can help a music junkie of any level, be it any genre you want to start off with, it will surely help you in getting a strong hold over musical notes.

It runs on on all Windows based OS, including the latest Windows 7. We’ve tested it on Windows 7 x86.

Download Jalmus

Note: JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 6+ is required to run the application.

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