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How To Access Hidden Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 offers very eye-candy themes by default, you can view the list of available themes by right clicking the Windows 7 desktop and choosing the Personalize option. You can also download many attractive themes, but there are some hidden themes in Windows 7 as well. Basically these hidden themes are  provided for regional countries such as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States and South Africa. Lets see how we can enable it.

First of all open the folder option and uncheck the option Hide protected operating system file (Recommended) under View tab.


Click Apply and now  browse to C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT, here you will be able to see the respective  folder of the every regional theme.

AU = Australia

CA = Canada

GB = Great Britain

US = United States

ZA = South Africa


Go into any of the theme folder and double click the theme to apply it, here is how MCT-AU looks on my windows 7 desktop.


Thats all, if you want to download any other attractive themes for Windows 7 you can check them out from the official link. Enjoy!


    • I have Windows 7 Ultimate also. You're probably right, that's the reason why we're able to access these themes by default. I personally have “Canada” as a theme, and while the pics are nice, I'm still looking for the perfect theme (ie one NOT created by MS's ways; as in, CUSTOM VISUAL STYLES).

  1. Hey, pretty cool, thanks. It seems that the themes stay selectable in the Personalization control panel after doing this as well, making it a one-time deal.

  2. Thanks for share.. I really never knew it. Still, I am unable to change Windows colors. Theme changing means simply changing Wallpapers on my OS. How to apply colors which the theme already have ?

    • you can change color go to personalize settings and choose color setting and change your color.

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