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How To Transform Windows 7 Into Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Earlier, we’ve covered an extraordinarily stylish Snow Transformation Pack which transforms Windows 7 into Mac Snow Leopard. As Snow Leopard becomes a thing of the past and Lion takes over the Mac kingdom, we now bring you the Lion Skin Pack for both Windows 7. It is an extremely easy to install Mac UI theme, which transforms the look of your Windows 7 into a Mac OS X Lion desktop. It does not require any theme patching software and can be installed via a simple executable file. It can be quite handy for die hard Mac lovers who require using Windows for some reason (e.g. at office), or Windows users who wish to bring the Mac style to their desktop.

Note: Please bear in mind that such transformation packs are difficult to uninstall and often a system restore point will not revert the changes. Before installing the Lion Skin Pack, make sure that you backup your computer to revert the changes (if required). Moreover, make sure that UAC (User Account Control) is disabled.

When installing the transformation pack, you will be presented with the option to install the UXTheme Patch, files and extra items (e.g. wallpaper, visual styles, etc). You may select all or some of these options to continue. For example, you may not be interested in installing a screensaver, wallpaper, etc from the pack. To uncheck these items, expand the options to deselect items from the Files and Extras options.  Click on Install to begin the installation process.

Step 3

After the installation is completed, reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

Step 5

Once the system is rebooted, your system will get the complete Mac OS X Lion user interface look.


That’s all you need to do to make your Windows 7 look like Mac OS X Lion.

DockDownload Lion Skin Pack


    • Yeah it’s pretty bogus there’s at least three of these articles from this site with zero working links.

  1. Is this still working? Is this skin will not harm my windows applications or the like?

    Thanks. 🙂

  2. This is why you buy mac for 30 bucks and put it on your PC problem solved not everybody is that smart but therre is somone who is

  3. Not happening 
    Get smart and go linux 
    all you idoits that say 
    “Go buy a mac already”
    My Freaking ALIENWARE is tripile as good as my friends mac and 500 DOLLARS LESS EXPESIVE
    My other lap top is just as good as the macbook air. but the macbook air is $900 such a shame

  4. Windows 7 is muchh better than Mac. I installed windows 7 on mac after realising that lion os was for babies… entertainment is not everyhing.

    • Except for the glaring security issues and file lock outs, yeah Microsoft is the people’s champ! Naaahhhhh… it’s neither of those two pompous, feuding families.


  5. When will all of you “mac lovers” finally decide to leave this post alone? Seriously, it gives you all a bad name. Knock it off.

  6. does this even work? i have windows 7 and if it does work and i do it and i dont like it how do i go back to my windows 7?

  7. I can buy 2 windows PCs for the same price of 1 Mac…with the exact same hardware. I’ll pass. Steep price for a novelty computer.

    • Perhaps, but the time you use mucking about trying to keep them running, I use to produce produce for my customers and enjoyable down-time for myself.  But if your hobby is to fiddle with hardware – or if you’re a constant tweaker; then by all means stick with your commodity hardware.

    • Mac OS is not for professionals. Period. Apple makes amazing hardware, but their OS is only capable of “dragging your pictures into iPhoto with 4 fingers or 1 pinky finger”. I run Windows on  a mac pro and it works awesome

    • It pains me to read such posts.  Anyone with even a modicum of experience developing on any unix platform would instantly know you write from a position of utter ignorance.  Me thinks you need to return to uni – ASAP.

      For those of you with an open mind and/or experience on one or more of the mulitude of *nix OSes – developing on the BSD-based OS that is OS X is easy.  I’ve been doing it for over a decade: C, C++, C#, JVM languages, LISP languages, Perl, *Python, etc.  About the only thing I’ve not tried, and likely does not work, is .Net or VB – if you dev. using either of those “languages”, you have my sincerest sympathies.

    • I have a PC running Windows 7 and my daughter has an iMac
      in some aspects I like the Mac OS and in some I like Windows 7
      It seems to me that things are more obvious and common sense in Windows
      Microsoft has always made an effort in this direction.
      Mac has its own way of working and you have to learn it and that’s it.
      Same kind of mentality like Adobe.
      What I like about Mac OS is the common menu for all software at the top. I think this is a brilliant idea. Also, historically, Macs hardly ever crash. Windows is much less stable, although Windows 7 is a big step forward in this respect.
      Now, regarding a Mac OS “mask” into my Windows 7, could be useful when friends of mine come over and they were used to Mac OS user interface, while I can still use the Windows 7.
      I have tried a Leopard transformer and uninstalled it after one single problem that happened. I cannot tolerate instability.
      I’m hesitating to install this one, but will see what people who tried it say.
      I was hoping to see this kind of feedback here. 🙁

    • you can even install an original mac and dual boot …then you can choose whenever you want to use 7 or mac anytime!!!

    • hate that to all the muilti junk 
      cant remember if its two finger lide left to open my dashboard or 1 finger one thump and the pinky to scroll up 
      go figure 
      lol apple lol

    • Mac OS is not for professionals. Period. Apple makes amazing hardware, but their OS is only capable of “dragging your pictures into iPhoto with 4 fingers or 1 pinky finger”. I run Windows on  a mac pro and it works awesome

    • Yeah like we all have 2 grand to blow when i can but somthing twice as good for 1500 GO FIGURE
      im extremely happy on my 1500 Alienware you can go waste your life waitng for you 2 grand mac to respond when my alienware is typing this before i hit the keys practically

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