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How To Uninstall Windows 8

The recently released Developer Consumer Build of Windows 8 comes with far less number of features and UI enhancements that will be included in final release of Windows 8, therefore many users have decided to remove Windows 8 from their system after testing it out. The Developer Consumer Build has been specifically released for Windows application developers to build new applications for Windows 8 and test and fix compatibility issues. If you’re about to uninstall or remove Windows 8 from your system, there are few things which must be considered before you start off with the process. First, it’s advised to remove or disconnect Windows Live account and create backup of important files and folders to external storage device. Windows 8 dual booted with Windows 7 can be easily removed from the system by formatting the Windows 8 drive, but dual boot option (which asks you to choose the OS to boot) in Advance Boot Options menu has to be manually removed. In this post, we will let you know how to completely and safely remove Windows 8 dual booted with any other OS.

To begin, login to Windows 8 and move all important files and folders to external storage device, remote network location, or to local drives except one on which Windows 8 is currently running. Once data backup is complete, reboot your system, choose Windows 7 from boot options.

After logging into Windows 7, open My Computer, right-click Windows 8 drive, and select Format. Select File system followed by default Allocation unit size, enable Quick Format and click Start to begin the disk formatting process.


After formatting the drive, you need to remove the Windows 8 Developer Consumer Preview boot option from Advanced Boot Options menu. This requires using BCDEdit command to modify or remove the Windows 8 Developer Consumer Preview boot entry. However, if you want a GUI alternative for BCDEdit command, download BOOTICE.

BOOTICE is a portable, Windows utility which allows you to edit Boot Configuration Data file from a simplified interface. Launch BOOTICE.EXE and head over to BCD Edit tab. Make sure that The System BCD option is enabled. Click View / Edit button.

view edit bcd

It will open BCD editor. Select Windows Developer Consumer Preview from left sidebar and hit Del to delete the Windows 8 Developer Consumer Preview entry from Advance Boot Options menu.

bcd edit f

You can follow same steps for removing Windows 8 Server Developer Consumer Preview from the system. After you’ve formatted the Windows 8 Server drive, launch BOOTICE, open BCD editor and delete the Windows Server Developer Consumer Preview entry in system BCD file.

bootice windows 8 server

Users who did a clean install of Windows 8 Developer Consumer Build after removing Windows 7 need to use Windows 7 installation disc to remove Windows 8 Developer Consumer Build and then install Windows 7 on their PCs. As of now, Windows 8 doesn’t allow upgrading your PC from Window 7 to Windows 8. We will keep this post updated with Windows uninstallation methods for each iteration of Windows 8 version.


  1. i formated the partition then my laptop shutted down i turned it on it doesnt open any operating system it only shows this( preparing automatic repair ) what should i do ?any help?

  2. Agreed, ”
    This is absolutely useless to anybody that does not have a dual boot system. Please go away and die, you are consuming valuable free oxygen.” @facebook-623068430:disqus

  3. I can’t get back onto windows 7 I formated using a ubuntu disk but it still tries to boot it. Is there a linux version of bootice avaliable?

    • Guys like Alexandru Stefan Ghetaru , they are just trollers. I don’t know What were you looking for – an option to Uninstall Windows 8 from Control Panel? Cmon, You got to understand what type of solution article will provide, when you click the link on the internet. Obviously, if you update your previous version of Windows to Windows 8, or do a clean installation of Windows, you don’t need to uninstall/remove it, you just format the drive after backing up your data and install the Windows version you want.

      Thanx Usman, really helpful article.

  4. Windows 8 installed over my Windows 7. Windows 8 consumer preview is now my only boot option. Looks like I’ll prolly have to pirate Windows 7 to get it back. (sigh)

  5. I did a clean install of windows 8 and decided to uninstall it, but have had nothing but problems, anytime I try to do a clean install of any of the OS the machine now bluescreens, finally had to use a backup of windows 7, does windows 8 change something in the bios, or is it just my laptop

  6. I installed W8 by mistake over W7. I had to do a clean install of W7 on another drive, however I cant access W8 on boot. 0xc0000428 code. I have lost my Microsoft Officce 2007 also doing this.
    Any help greatly appreciated

  7. Easiest way: Open START(Windows Button) > right click (Computer) > select (Manage) > select (Disk Management) > Select (%DriveLetter%) > {select (Format) > “quick format to FAT32”} or {select (Delete Volume)} > close open windows > open START(Windows Button) > search&select System Configuration > select (Boot) Tab > select Developer/Consumer Preview > press [Delete] 

    No Muss, No Fuss

  8. i didn’t made partition on my hard disk~
    how to do it ??
    someone please answer me~
    need help here~

  9. After formatting the hard drive Can’t I just use “MSconfig” and delete “windows 8 consumer preview” from “boot” tab ?
    Or do I have to use the specified program to avoid any issues ?

  10. I can not format the drive. Is this because I had it installed before Windows 7? I tried to delete items on the drive, it said I needed permission, but does not give me any options. Stuck here… any ideas?? Maybe external program to delete it?

    • so i go to msconfig and click on the boot tag, then? the only option for me is windows 8. Really regretting playing guinea pig with microsoft right now, can’t seem to uninstall at all

    • yea i have the same problem i only see windows 8. and i normally had vista 64 bit and i want it back..windows 8 only lets you have limited things which is so stupid 

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