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Make Your PC A Wifi Hotspot With MHotSpot

Normally internet connections can be shared by home users by using ICS (internet Connection Sharing) or by making an Ad-hoc network to allow other devices to share a single connection. Other alternative methods require connecting multiple computers by using Ethernet cables connected to the modem. While you can use a Wi-Fi router for connecting an Android or Symbian phone to the internet, your router might not be able to support too many devices. MHotSpot is a portable application which simplifies the process of sharing your wireless network connection with other computers and devices such as Android, Symbian phones, printers and Tablet PC. MHotSpot does not have any complex settings and can share an available wireless network at your home or office.

To get started, you will require sharing your WiFi connection from the Network and Sharing Center. To do that, access Wireless network connection settings from right-click context menu and click Status.


Once done, click Properties and choose the Sharing tab. From here, click check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” option and select your wireless internet connection from the list. Click OK for the changes to take effect.

Wireless Network Connection Properties

Launch MHotSpot and click Start to begin sharing your wireless internet connection.


This will allow you to connect multiple devices to your computer for using the internet. Your PC name will appear in the list of available wireless connections. You can connect multiple device to your PC and hence, create a wireless hotspot at home or office. Click the Stop button to stop the wireless connection.


For more information, check out the video below.

MHotSpot works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download MHotSpot

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  • arnob

    download hotspot = bad link

  • Satya

    You can also use “Connectify”

    • You can find Connectify under ‘Related Posts’ section. In case, you cannot find it, we have reviewed it here – https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/connectify-convert-windows-7-into-virtual-wifi-router/

    • krishna

      dude…foe connectify,u need to install the software and alsoo there are some problems like blue screen errors and cant connect to internet..

      but for mhotspot…u need not install the software…:)

      • Satya

        I’ve not faced any problem using connectify though.

        • krishna

          just type connectify problems in google dude..

  • markiz

    doesn’t work with wp7?
    also, i have a pppoe connection, will it work with that?

    • krishna

      yes of course..it works 🙂

      • markiz

        How?! I’m stuck in airplane mode till the end of the month until my subscription changes, this would really help me.

        When i click on a tray network icon, what connection do i need to share, wifi, or pppoe? i tried with both, started this program but my omnia was not able to see it.

  • kartik

    i just managed to do it with my HP netbook

    i need a little assistance for my desktop as well
    planning a wifi USB card to use this s/w with my existing EVDO connection [it worked on my laptop connecting EVDO device]

    will it work with usb wifi card
    looking to buy

    any input will be good for me

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  • krishna

    yup…will do it..well

  • ravi tej

    an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled..
    this was the error….
    internet connection sharing cann`t be enabled, a connection is already configured with the I.P address that is required for automatically automatic address……….

    but my internet connection can not access automatically..

  • furios man

    this shit dosen`t work for android

  • kh

    Does it work with Ethernet LAN connection ? If yes, How ?I have tried everything.

  • able to connect wifi but I am failing to browse the Internet.. what should I do now..?

  • Zurcaledrj11

    Does it work with Ethernet LAN connection ? If yes, How ?I have tried everything

  • Zurcaledrj11

    Does it work with Ethernet LAN connection ? If yes, How ?I have tried everything

    • guest

      yes it works with LAN

  • Kratzer Baby

    Dont u have for xp? 🙁 coz connectify isnt workin .. please help ..

  • Rayaneltaher


  • Arbloy

    question: my computer is just connected to a wired network but it doesn’t have a wireless LAN…if I am going to buy a wireless USB adapter, will this work?tnx

    • Abhsek

      Ya man it works

  • seajay02

    how can i find the properties in the network icon? I am using an ethernet LAN connection and i wanted to share my internet connection to my android phone. please help me.Thanks

  • melanie

    can i use the wifi for my ipod ?

  • melanie

    does this work for desktops? (windows vista?) HELP ME!

  • melanie

    do you need a wireless cable or anything required to do this and does this work for desktops or is it only for laptops i have a (windows vista desktop) and if I setup this hotspot will my ipod touch be able to connect to it and is it one device that can connect PLEAASEEE HELLPPP MEE !!!!!!!

  • I configured the mhotspot in my laptop, i can able to use the signal in another laptop but the problem is my nokia c6 connecting to the WIFI but can not able to open the web.. help me.. thanks in advance.

  • satya

    simply superb:)

  • JE

    it works :))

  • JE

    Thanks for this info. 🙂

  • ojousensei

    if my connection is just a broadband? can i still share a connection to others used this app.? please answer. thanks!

  • Edgar02g

    wow i does work

  • Really helpful tnx 🙂

  • vijender

    error the wireless local area network interface is powered down while using mhotspot problem please tell me hw 2 slve

  • samit

    Its works,

  • ami

    have downloaded mhotspot wifi is connected but cant access internet in my iphone,,please help