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Microsoft Outlook 2010 View Types

There are multiple ways to view your emails in Outlook 2010, everyone uses the view option according to his/her needs. Lets see how we can perform some common operations related to the views.

Note: This post is targeted towards beginners who are new to Outlook 2010.

Changing View

Click the View option tab on the menu bar and choose the new view from Compact, Single and Preview under the Change View Drop down box.

Change View

Changing View Arrangement

View Arrangement means how your particular view will display emails, i.e. on the basis of date, To, From etc. You can change such settings of the view from the Arrangement section.

View Arrangement

Apply Current View To All Folders

By default every folder in your email box has a different view, but its very easy to apply the current view to all folders. Simply choose the Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders option under the Change View drop down box.

Apply Email Filter

Edit Views

You can edit the default settings of the view from the View Settings option.

Change View SettingsIt launches a dialogue  box where you can edit  the color, format, column style etc of the current view.

Chnage View Settings

Reset View Settings

To reset the settings for the current view, to the default ones; simply hit the Reset View option.

Reset View


  1. when my emails come in I can see the 1st line of the message but after I read it it disappears….I use to be able to still see the 1st line of the message what do I change to change it back

  2. Good Afternoon,  How doI delete the task bar if you will at the bottom of the email view.  Ha something to do with Facebook or LinkedIn?  thank you.

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