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Word 2010 Document Sharing Techniques

Click the Office backstage button(File button) and hit Share, you will find the list of ways in which you can share your documents

Share Document Word 2010

Send Using Email

This option lets you send documents via email. You can send the document as an attachment in an email, as a link, as a PDF document or as an XPS document. Choose the desired option and you will find the document attached in your email. Simply specify the receivers Email ID and hit the Send button to share the document.

Send Email

Document Attached

Save to SkyDrive

It saves your MS Word 2010 document to Windows SkyDrive, all you need is a Windows Live  ID to register. Learn more about it here.


Save to SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the well-known business process sharing services. You can share your documents to SharePoint by hitting the Save to SharePoint option.

SharePoint 2010

Publish as Blog Post

Microsoft Word 2010 can also be used as a blogging editor. You can easily write and share blog posts. It offers support for almost all the famous blogging services like WordPress, Blogger, Windows Live Space, etc.

Blogging Word 2010

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