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Play And Record Your Favorite Online Radio Stations With JukeRec

For all you music lovers out there who like listening to online radio, we have an application that can stream as well as record online radio stations. JukeRec has a massive collection of online radio stations specializing in a variety of music genres. All the stations are neatly divided into categories defined by their genre. If you like a radio station and feel that you might like to listen to it again, you may add it to favorites for quick access. The application allows you to record radio streams and save them to your hard disk. You can also edit the radio stream list and add new stations by their URL. JukeRec keeps a log of both play and record activity during a session.

The interface of JukeRec is divided into two panes. Record, Options, Radio Stream List, Activity and Help tabs are in the left pane, and their details appear in the right pane when selected.

JukeREC Free Main

The Record tab is the default selection. To stream a radio station of your choice, select a Category, Station and click Play Radio Stream. Click Record Radio Stream to start and stop recording the stream. The audio file generated by the recording will be automatically saved on to your hard drive. While a station is selected, click Move to Favorite if you wish to store that station  in your Favorites list, which, in turn, can be accessed from the Category menu.

JukeREC Station

The Options tab lets you define the Name and Output Directory of the recorded files. Either you can choose a limited time duration, or you can record the whole radio stream.

JukeREC Settings

In Radio Stream List, you can Search, Edit, Delete and Add an a new radio stream to the list. To add a radio stream, click Add and enter the name, URL and select a category for your desired radio station.JukeRec Add Stream

The Activity tab keeps logs of Play and Record Activity for the current session only. There are two separate panes that display the logs for Play Activity and Record Activity. If you want to delete the recorded data, just click Clear button available at the bottom right corner.

JukeREC Activitypng

If you are looking for a more advanced radio streaming and recording tool, check out streamWriter. JukeRec has a standard (ad-supported) version and a pro (paid) version, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download JukeRec


  1. The free version of JukeRec is adware.  I, for one, have always trusted this site not to steer me toward adware.  Please stop it.

    Also, Greg Smith, in his posting, here, is dead-on:  Of all the tools of this type out there, RADIOSURE has no rival.  It’s the hands-down best streaming radio player on the planet.  I used to believe that about the freeware Screamer Radio (which is also very, very good); but RadioSure disabused me of that notion in a big hurry.  Its huge (pushing 12,000 stations back when I switched from Screamer; and now pushing 17,000 stations, woldwide) database of streaming stations is just unbelievable.  

    Even the freeware version of RadioSure is ad-free, and is sufficiently feature-rich that most people aren’t even tempted to pay to get the commercial version (which only costs ten bucks, for those who do).  And among said body of rich features is RadioSure’s ability to record streams, just like JukeRec… and even to have each song automatically recorded as a separate MP3 file.  Granted, the commercial version does the recording part a little bit better…

    …and, in fact, speaking of Screamer Radio, if one wanted recording features closer to what the commercial version of RadioSure accomplishes, then it might pay for one to have both Screamer and RadioSure installed on one’s Windows machine, just so one has maximum options.  (The freeware Screamer Radio isn’t adware, either, by the way.)

    But even if both RadioSure and Screamer are both installed, trust me when I tell you that you’ll use RadioSure for your everyday listening.  It’s absolultely best-of-breed when it comes to this type of product.  I could not more strongly recommend it.

    As a parenthetical aside, I just LOVE Internet streaming radio.  I’m an old guy (55 at this writing), and so I remember lying in bed at night as a kid and trying to (what we called) “pick(ing) up the skip” of far away strong AM radio stations’ signals bouncing off the earth’s atmosphere and being receivable by my little transistor radio.  Later, when I was only a tiny bit older, I got a short-wave radio; and I strung (and attached to the radio) a braided copper wire antenna the entire length of my parents’ house, just below the eves, using antenna standoffs and insulators from Radio Shack so there’d be spruious grounding.  I used to love picking-up stations from other countries, thousands of miles away; or, on good “skip” nights, from the other side of ethe globe.  I loved listening to the indiginous music… the folk and cultural music,  the English-speaking talk shows which covered issues about which no one in the US cared, but which were clearly important to those local to said radio stations.

    Today, I can accomplish exactly the same thing using streaming Internet radio… for free, using RadioSure (though any good streaming radio product — including Screamer Radio — would work basically the same… though maybe not with as large a database of stations as RadioSure’s).  Granted, the really obscure and “underground” stations which one can receive on shortwave are probably not also streaming online, and so there’s still a call for a good, old-fashioned shortwave radio with a forty-something-foot-long antenna from Radio Shack mounted under ones eves; but I dearly love streaming Internet radio, just generally speaking, for the world of audio riches which it can provide right through my computer speakers…

    …and at a much, much higher sound quality than usually scratchy, staticky shortwave which sometimes fades in and out, or which is only receivable on good “skip” nights.

    Thank you Screamer, RadioSure… and, what the heck, even JukeRec (and others).

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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