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Quickly Search Shared Files Over Network With LAN Search Pro

Do you find yourself searching music, videos, and document files which are shared over the network? It would be, arguably, very hectic task to list down and access the remote paths where all files are residing. In corporate environment with large scale network, users tend to use a tool which can significantly mitigate the time and effort involved in searching required files available over the network. If you are having a hard time finding required types of files in network shared folders, try LAN Search Pro. It is an ingeniously simple yet powerful tool to find shared files with a capacity of filtering the network locations.  Despite being efficient in searching files from shared locations, it offers password management to apply different types of constraints in accessing files from confidential remote locations.

Running it for the first time requires you to add network locations. To define network locations to search, click Options from Edit menu. Now move to Net Search to add all the clients system by either entering respective names or IPs. Here, you can also apply filters by using regular expressions and exclude systems from search process. Once done, move to Hidden folders tab to either include only common, only hidden folders or both folders in search process. Furthermore, from Folders tab, choose folders which are to be included or excluded. Once you’re done setting up search configurations, click OK to bring back the main screen.


Now provide it with search keywords to begin the search. You can either search for file by type, extension, or entering complete name. The search results will be displayed with full path, size of file, attributes, and date and time stamps in main window. To copy, rename, move, delete and open source location of file, just right-click the item and select the required option.

From toolbar, you can save the search results in HTML, XML. and CSV format, map and unmap network drives, find files in search results, and bring up Password Management to protect special network locations.

LAN Search Pro 2

Overall, LAN Search Pro offers one of the easiest way of searching shared files and folders over network. It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

Download LAN Search Pro


  1. I found Search Everything to be the best when it comes to instantly providing results in windows 7 with a catalogue of over 4 terrabytes of data.

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